At we suggest whenever feasible to upgrade to AGM battery these batteries are overall better battery for any application.  AGM batteries became popular in the early 1980s; the sulfuric acid is absorbed by a very fine fiberglass mat.  This makes them spill-proof and enables them to be shipped without hazardous material restrictions.  Inside of AGM battery the plates can be made flat to resemble a lead acid battery in a rectangular case, but can also be wound into a cylinder.

Here are some reasons you are going to want a AGM battery over a lead-acid one:

They have a very low internal resistance they are capable of delivering high currents on demand
AGM’s tend to have a longer service life even a deep cycle one, this is true because AGM batteries are less to prone to sulfation and can sit in storage longer before a charge becomes necessary
AGM batteries are considered maintenance free batteries because these batteries do not need any water added to them throughout their whole life span
They stand up to low temperatures and have a lower self-discharge rate
They charge five times faster than a lead-acid battery and the ability to deep cycle
These batteries depth of discharge is 80 percent of a flooded battery
AGM batteries are great for your power-hungry vehicle accessories
Allows installation at odd angles

Here are a few reasons you do not want to buy AGM:

Slightly lower specific energy
AGM batteries are sensitive to overcharging