Proper Storage and Maintenance of ATV Batteries

Many People come into our stores and ask us “how do I get longer life out of my battery?” The first question we will ask them is; “What are you doing with your ATV When you are not using it?” Most people will park their ATV in a back shed and do nothing with it. What happens when you do that is the computer in the ATV will start to discharge the battery, this is what you don’t want (a discharged battery.)

A discharged battery will start to build up sulphation on the plates when sitting over a period of time. The lower the voltage the faster the sulphation will start to build up on the battery. Over a period of time the sulphation will start to take away from the battery capacity. By keeping a battery at 100% full charge you can prevent the sulphation on a battery.

Keeping your battery fully charged

There are 3 main types of battery chargers:

Battery Maintainers

Battery maintainers are the one of the best ways to maintain or improve the life of your battery. Some people will refer to them as trickle chargers, battery maintainer, and float charger. These chargers will turn on or off automatically depending on the battery voltage. Battery Tender and NOCO make some of the best battery maintainers on the market.

Both NOCO and Battery Tender have quick disconnects for most models. These make it quick and easy to hook and unhook the battery. Here is a video of how they work.

Automatic Chargers

Automatic charger are charger that will fully charge a battery and shut off once fully charged. These chargers will not turn back on once the battery is fully charged.

Manual Charges

Manual charges are chargers that have to be turned on and off manually. These charges can be useful when trying to get voltage into a very badly discharged battery and you are not able to the other chargers to turn on.