Sun Xtender PVX-2120L Solar Sealed AGM Deep-Cycle Battery

Sun Xtender PVX-2120L Solar Sealed AGM Deep-Cycle Battery -

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Vendor : Sun Xtender


Made in the USA

Sun Xtender PVX-2120L Solar Sealed AGM Deep-Cycle Battery are VRLA-AGM Deep Cycle Battery for Off Grid and Grid Tied Systems. PVX-2120L is a popular 4D size wighing just 138 pounds. Used for applications such as Traffic Arrow / Message Boards, Cathodic Protection, Residential Grid Tied & Off Grid systems, 2-Way Radio Repeaters, SCADA, Medical Refrigeration Clinics & Power for Remote Areas / Developing Nations, Microwave Earth / Satellite Stations, Parking Lot Lighting.

Recombinant gas Sun Xtender® Series solar batteries are valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries.

  • Designed for renewable energy applications for superior & reliable power when you need it.
  • Corrosion free terminal connections allow for maximum conductivity.
  • Maintenance free design means no spilling, no spewing, no watering.
  • Install upright, on its side or end.
  • Stackable with minimum required spacing ( see Sun Xtender Technical Manual for details ).
  • Shockproof, high impact reinforced case restrains from bulging.
  • PolyGuard protection used around the positive plate and AGM prevents shorting from shock and vibration. Sun Xtender is the only battery offering this added layer of protection.
  • Sun Xtender® Series batteries ship Hazmat EXEMPT.

Battery Specifications

Type: Deep-Cycle AGM
Voltage: 12 V
Industry Reference: 4D Group
Weight LB (KG):  127 LB / 57.6 KG
Dimensions Inches:  20.76" x 8.70" x 9.77"
Dimensions (+/- 2 mm): 527mm x 221mm x 248mm
Nominal Capacity Ampere Hours @ 25℉ C (77 ℉) to 1.75 Volts per cell
1 Hr. Rate 2 Hr. Rate 4 Hr. Rate 8 Hr. Rate 24 Hr. Rate 48 Hr. Rate 72 Hr. Rate 100 Hr. Rate 120 Hr. Rate
136 Ah 172 Ah 176 Ah 194 Ah 212 Ah 235 Ah 244 Ah 250 Ah 253 Ah
Specifications are subject to change without notice. The data/information contained herein has been reviewed & approved for general release on the basis that this document contains no export controlled information.
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