Lifeline GPL-31T-2V 2V 630 Amp Deep-Cycle AGM Battery

Lifeline GPL-31T-2V 2V 630 Amp Deep-Cycle AGM Battery -

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Vendor : Lifeline


Made in the USA

Lifeline GPL-31T-2V 2V 630amp Deep-Cycle AGM Battery is a specifically designed for deep cycle applications. Lifeline batteries are Coast Gaurd approved and must pass demanding mil spec requirements, because they are onboard US Military Vessels. The Lifeline batteries deliver a industry leading reserve capacity and life-cycle capibilities, because of the quality materials they are built with.

Lifeline batteries are made in the USA. They are an industry leader in value and customer service. Lifeline batteries are backed up with a industry leading 5 year warranty.

Battery Specifications

Type: Deep-Cycle AGM
Voltage: 2 V
CCA @ 68℉: 4752
CCA @ 32℉: 4050
CCA @ 0℉: 3240
Rated Cap. AMPS Hours @ 20HR Rate: 630
Minutes of Discharge:
25 Amps: 1170
15 Amps: 2040
8 Amps: 4128
Weight LB (KG):  66 (30)
Dimensions Inches:  12.9" x 6.75" x 8.96"
Dimensions (+/- 2 mm): 327.8mm x 171.3mm x 227.6mm
Lifeline Batteries Specification for the GPL-31T-2V, Click Here.