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Type: AGM
Vendor: EXIDE


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Exide Edge AGM 24M is a BCI group 24 standard Marine battery. Exide Edge AGM batteries are designed to maximize energy capacity for today's on-the-go drivers. The Edge's lasting energy protects against battery failure, helping vehicle batteries stay strong and perform like new longer.

  • Exide Edge flat plate design contains six sets of plates, with glass mat separators, arranged in a straight line inside the battery, like sliced bread
  • SureLife® Graphite Technology retains initial capacity longer for lasting energy capacity by Exide
  • 17X More Energy for Everything like repeated use of technology and shuttle driving
  • Because the plates are compressed in rows, the battery uses its total volume to provide greater energy capacity
  • Up to 15% More Starting Power 2
  • Handles heavy key-on, key-off activity
  • Recharges faster because of SureLife® Graphic Technology 3
  • Clean, non-spillable, maintenance free*, absorbed glass mat construction
  • Easy to install, even on its side**

Battery Specifications

BCI Group Number: 24DP
Type: AGM Dual Purpose
Voltage: 12 V
Positive Position Left Hand
Cold Cranking Amps (CCA): 775
RC MIN (@25A): 145
AH Capacity (@20Hr): 72
Dimensions (Inches):
Length (Inches): 10 3/16"
Width (Inches): 6 3/4"
Height (Inches): 8 5/8"
Warranty: 2 Year Full Warranty