Battery Tender Power Tender 5 Amp Battery Charger | 022-0186G-DL-WH

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Vendor : Deltran


The Battery Tender Power Tender 12 Volt 5 Amp Battery Tender Charger is a fully automatic High Frequency switch mode charger.  This charger has 4 stage charging (Qualification, bulk, absorption and float).  When the charger has recharged the battery, the charger will float (maintain) the battery for an extended period at full state of charge.  This charger is specifically designed for AGM batteries but will easily recharge all lead acid batteries from the small Powersport batteries to and including large deep cycle batteries for marine, automotive, agriculture, construction, or any other lead acid battery.   The Battery Tender Power Tender 12 Volt 5 Amp is completely safe and includes a 72-hour timer to prevent further damage to marginal batteries.  It is fully approved for the California and Oregon markets.  It is a smart charger that you just put on and leave on until you are ready to use the vehicle.