BATT-513 -

$ 16.99


Get you cordless turned on with our high quality replacement batteries.

NiMH batteries power your phone so that every call will be received with crisp clear signal without fear of a dying batteries.

Voltage: 2.4
Capacity: 1500
Composition: NIMH

PANASONIC, 27, HHR-P513, HHR-P513A, KX-TG2208, KX-TG2214, KX-TG2216, KX-TG2224, KX-TG2226, KX-TG2235, KX-TG2238, KX-TG2248, KX-TG225, KX-TG2258, KX-TGA228S, N4HHEPA00001, P-P513, TL26423