APC BK200 Back-UPS Replacement Battery

APC BK200 Back-UPS Replacement Battery - GetMyBattery.com

$ 9.98


Our APC BK200 Back-UPS Replacement Pack is the perfect solution for your UPS. These high-quality after market battery that fits your BK200 uninterpretable power supply system.

Our recommendation is you measure your current batteries for size and specifications prior to ordering as manufactures may change the requirements without notice. We also recommend that you keep any harnesses or fuses, so you can reuse them with your new batteries.

Battery Specifications

Device Manufacturer: APC
Device Model: BK200
Voltage: 6
Nominal Capacity: 4.5Ah
Chemistry: Sealed Lead Acid
Dimensions (Inches):
Length(Inches): 2.76
Width(Inches): 1.85
Height(Inches): 3.98
Weight: 1.87 LBS
Number of Batteries: 2