Antigravity Ultralight-X Multifunction Flashlight

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Type : Antigravity
Vendor : Antigravity


AntiGravity UltraLight-X Multi-Function Flashlight is a modular, multi-function 4-in-1 Flashlight. This flashlight, bluetooth music/audio player, speakerphone and a power bank. This device pairs with bluetooth devices so you can play & control any audio allows you to take incoming calls hands-free. With this awesome 4-in-1 multi-function audio and flashlight you can use the light and audio at the same time or swap the LED end-piece for a 2nd speaker (included). This is the perfect gift for any outdoors person in your life.

Functions and Controls

The multi-functions on this are modular flashlight, Wireless Music Player, Hands-Free Calls and USB Device Charger. The controls on the flashlight include Play or Pause Audio, Next or Previous Track, Raise or Lower Volume, Answer Incoming Calls and End Call and Redial.

Inside the Box

1 UltraLight X Multi-Function Modular Flashlight, Extra Speaker for the UltraLight (This allows you to remove the modular Flashlight head and put the 2nd Speaker on for louder fuller audio sound), 1 Visor Clip, 1 Bicycle Mount, 1 USB Cable (For charging the UltraLight X, or use to charge your devices with the UltraLight X) and 1 Instruction Manual