Antigravity Audio Cap

$ 32.99

Type : Antigravity
Vendor : Antigravity


AntiGravity Audio Cap is a beanie with built-in wireless Bluetooth speaker. This beanie is a great way to listen to music, or go on that run, walk in the woods or mountains and even answer phone calls from the cap itself, no cables attached.

This Audio Cap beanie has great-sounding speakers that give you the ability to comfortably listen to music, books and answer calls all the while enjoying the great outdoors. This hat is durable in cold-weather it has a microphone that allows you to talk back to the caller. The AntiGravity Audio Cap has a rechargable Lithium-Ion battery that is easily recharged from any USB charger.

Functions and Controls

The multi-functions on this Audio Cap include Cold Weather Beanie, Wireless Music Player and Hands-Free Calls. The controls on the Audio cap include Play or Pause Audio, Next or Previous Track, Raise or Lower Volume, Answer Incoming Calls and End Call and Redial.

Inside the Box

1 Audio Cap Beanie, 1 USB Cable (for charging the beanie) and 1 Instruction Manual