6N4-2A-8 (6)

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Type : Powersports
Vendor : Powersonic


6N4-2A-8 (6)


Power-Sonic Motorcycle Battery – Product Specifications:
• Voltage: 6V
• Capacity: 4 Amp Hour
• CCA: 24
• Height (w/terminal): 3 3/4
• Length: 2 13/16
• Width: 2 13/16
• Weight: 2.2 Lbs (w/acid)

Power-Sonic Super Sport Series

Power-Sonic conventional batteries have proven to be a reliable alternative to the high-end batteries currently in use. Power-Sonic batteries make use of an advanced manufacturing technique to shorten current paths and reduce resistance, giving you higher cranking power and maximum battery life. Suitable for all off-road, over water and cold weather conditions. Keeps its charge with proper care after months of storage. Built to withstand punishing vibration, salt spray, gas, and oil. Durable case construction resists spills, corrosion.

Features of this product:
• Long-Cycle Life
• Designed for High-Vibration Resistance
• One Year Warranty
• Conventional (Wet Cell) Battery
• High Quality
• Spill Proof Design
• Competitively Priced

100% Guarantee 

We give a guarantee that can’t be ignored, 100% Guarantee. If you are not happy or satisfied with your Powersonic 6N4-2A-8 (6) battery please contact us for a refund. We are so sure you will be pleased with your 6N4-2A-8 (6) that we are willing to stand behind our product.


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Power-Sonic Approved Battery Dealer



Application               Battery                  Make & Model                                          CC  Year


Motorcycle 6N4-2A-8(6)  HONDA NC50 Express 50 80-83
Motorcycle 6N4-2A-8(6) HONDA CT110 Trail 110 80-84
Motorcycle 6N4-2A-8(6) HONDA XL80S 80 83-85
Motorcycle 6N4-2A-8(6) HONDA CT70 Trail 70 80-82
Motorcycle 6N4-2A-8(6) HONDA NA50 Express II 50 80-81