Sun Xtender Deep Cycle AGM batteries for your solar and photovoltaic needs are built with premium quality and reliable superior construction.   These batteries are built with renewable energy in mind and are an industry leader in renewable energy.   

Concorde the company that created the Sun Xtender line is committed to make sure customers get the best preforming batteries with the highest quality possible.  This is why Concorde has tailored each battery line to a specific application rather than users just settling for just any deep-cycle battery on the market.  These batteries are manufactured with the highest quality battery standard in the industry. 

These Sun Xtender AGM battery technology is what is needed in renewable energy applications because they are built specifically for this kind of application.  The AGM (Absorbed glass mat) deep cycle construction of these batteries allow for varying charge and discharge lengths to occur without the need for maintenance.  This technology allows the battery to sustain multiple deep cycles because the battery does not have a 'memory' of cycle length and depletion states.  The Sun Xtender batteries are designed with low impedance configuration and allows the battery to tolerate high in-rush current levels without damage to the glass mat cells allowing for a faster recharge time and ability to absorb the charge when it is available. 

At we have the full line of Sun Xtender batteries for all your battery needs.   

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