Power Wheels give kids get the opportunity to use their imagination, they get to go to a whole new world driving just like mom and dad, or pretending they are off-roading on their very own four-wheeler.  These outside toys are a wonderful way to keep kids active.  As with most toys we need to replace the batteries in them. 

At getmybattery.com we have the perfect replacement battery for your Power Wheel toy to keep your kids moving and pretending.  These 6V or 12Volt batteries are a perfect fit for your Power Wheel battery.  We also carry the chargers that are needed for these batteries in both the 6V or 12V versions.

How do I know if the battery or the charger is the problem?

Take out a volt meter a digital one is best, but any volt meter will work for this.  When trying to test the battery plug it in for at least 8 hours to ensure that it is fully charged. After you have done this locate the positive and negative prongs on the battery.  Turn your volt meter to 20 in the voltage DC section.  Touch the positive of your volt meter to the positive prong and the negative to the negative prong of your PowerWheel Battery.  You will get a reading on your volt meter write this down. 

If your battery is outputting 12.6 Volts or more then your battery is taking the full charge.   However, overtime batteries lose their capacity, that will cause the battery from being able to function enough to run your child’s Power Wheel toy.  You will see this happen in batteries that are over 3 years old or ones that were not properly maintained.

If your battery is outputting between 12.6 or 11.8 volts, then your battery is on a decline.  Typically, that means that your battery is starting to sulfate which is the process of crystals forming on the negative plates in the battery.  This will kill the battery, cause it to lose its capacity and form a resistance to accepting a charge.  Typically, this means very soon it is time for a new battery.

If your battery is outputting lower than 11.8 Volts it is time for a new battery your battery has a dead cell in it and will not take a charge to operate the power wheel vehicle any longer.

Follow the same steps to test your charger while it is plugged into the wall.  Again, write down your reading.  As you take these readings the volt meter will probably fluctuate which is normal, the voltage should be around 13.5 to 14.5 volts.  If you are far exceeding that number or outputting less, then it is time for a replacement.  Keep in mind replacing this faulty charger may not correct the battery issue as it may have damaged the battery.  That is not common just be aware of that.

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