NorthStar ELITE ELT-AGM78 Group 78 Battery

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Type : AGM


Made in the USA

The NorthStar ELITE ELT-ACE78 Automotive Battery BCI Group 78 Deep-Cycle Battery. Great for any automotive application.

NorthStar Elite Ace batteries now come with the ACE IQ technology is built with technology in mind and the great cranking power that a NorthStar Pro battery with a price everyone can afford. These batteries are built with the consumer in mind with the highest possible cranking power and quality. NorthStar batteries are now built with ACE IQ.

What does ACE IQ Monitor

ACE IQ will continuously monitor the batteries state of charge and health, preventing battery failure and maximizing performance. The battery voltage, temperature readouts and statistics on the batteries state of charge, it also provides information on your batteries health and care recommendations on how to get more life out of your battery.

Get your NorthStar ACE IQ App today at the iTunes Store today or the Google Play Store.

Check out this video to learn more!!

Battery Specifications

BCI Group Number: 78
Type: AGM
Voltage: 12 V
Positive Position Left Hand
CA/MCA Rating @ 32°F(A): 810
CCA Rating @ 0°F(A): 710
Reserve Capacity (min): 120
Capacity 20hr. 1.75VPC @ 25°C: 60
Dimensions (Inches):
Length: 10.87"
Width: 7.10"
Height: 7.12"
Weight: 51 LBS
Warranty: 3 Years
NorthStar Battery has a battery finder tool on their website Click Here to find your battery.

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