As our vehicles and toys have gotten more electronics added to them there is a need to have a better option for a battery.  NorthStar came to that realization back in 2000 and decided to offer consumers a better option.  Their Innovative AGM thin plate pure lead technology ensures you have the most power out of every battery.

Reasons to buy the NorthStar AGM Batteries:

NorthStar AGM Batteries have the power to exceed, these batteries are built for high performance over their lifetime no matter the conditions.  You are going to want one of these batteries, so you can have the superior cranking, unrivaled cycling, faster recharge and minimal maintenance.

Here are some key features of NorthStar AGM Batteries:

  • Delivering exceptional CCA ratings and reserve capacity cycling ability with the Pure Lead AGM Technology.
  • With up to 2,150 pulse amps it makes your vehicle quick starting every time.
  • Up to 50% depth of discharge it cycles over 900 times.
  • Recharges faster than conventional batteries.
  • Made in the USA in a state-of-the-art battery plant.
  • The housing is built for durability, performance and heat resistance in an advanced plastic.
  • No water levels to check or terminals to clean and can install on its side this advanced AGM constructed battery is what you need.
  • Perfect battery for vehicles with Start Stop technology.
  • OEM fits ensures all NorthStar batteries are built to BCI standards.
  • 2x the life of a typical lead-acid battery.
  • Vibration Resistant

No matter what vehicle you drive – from long haul truck to a high-speed boat – NorthStar can exceed your expectations. 
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