Factory Fresh

Do you need a dependable battery for your RV and Marine applications?

Do you want to have a worry-free time out on the water?

Well then it is time to invest in a good set of batteries and we suggest that you invest in a set of Lifeline Deep-Cycle AGM Marin Batteries. These batteries are the best batteries and are Made in the USA to Military Specifications. These industry leading, high quality batteries are used in the United States Armed Forces in all their applications. Lifeline Batteries has a strong commitment to the quality and the customer these batteries have a long-life cycle and their reserve capacities are above any other battery you can get in today’s market.

Our parent company is an authorized dealer of Lifeline Batteries and we will have your battery delivered direct to your door from the factory. This is great because you get the freshest battery possible.


Lifeline batteries provide its customers an unheard of 5-year pro-rated warranty with a 1-year free replacement period. 

Lifeline Knowledge Center

Lifeline has a broad knowledge center that can help you with your battery.  In the knowledge center you can find the Material Safety Data Sheets, Battery Transportation Guidelines, Warranties and Technical Manuals.  They also provide a FAQ’s and battery sizing calculator for your convenience. 

Click here to access the information.

Understanding Premature Battery Death and How to Avoid it

Here at getmybattery.com we understand that the purchase of your battery is an investment and many of us need some advice on how to best care for our battery.  I recently read this article on battery death and how to avoid it.  This is a great read for anyone to invest their hard-earned money into a great battery like the Lifeline Deep-Cycle AGM Marine Batteries.

Check it out here.

Get your factory fresh Lifeline Battery today and get turned on.

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